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Why waterless

A minimum of 10,000 litres of water is needed to wash powerplants, per Megawatt!

Therefore,the need of the hour is SolarDuster.

SolarDuster is an innovate, new system which is capable of cleaning powerplants of several Megawatts.

The cleaning solution is water-free, reducing costs. Water is a valuable resource. Water can damage solar modules, repairing or replacing them can cost a ton. Hence, SolarDuster is what all solar powerplant owners should consider as their cleaning solution.


According to experts, India is going to exhaust its fresh water resources by 2050. This would lead to water scarcity for non-drinking purposes. This is where the MasterDuster excels. Without the use of water, the following advantages open up:


  • Remote, arid land areas are now potential locations for powerplants
  • Infrastructure costs are reduced, increasing financial viability
  • No cost for water usage, no dependence on a variable resource